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Deaf Mental Health Medium Secure Service

Providing Medium secure beds for Deaf patients detained under the Mental Health Act who require detention in conditions of Medium Security. Patients are admitted to this service following a comprehensive Multi Disciplinary assessment. Patients are admitted from the courts, prison transfers and referrals from other services including secure hospitals.

Most patients will have significant forensic histories, complex needs and pose a significant risk if managed in conditions of less security at the point of referral. All patients are subject to a 12 week assessment period, which provides a detailed assessment of mental health and social needs; communication assessment; full risk management assessment; rehabilitation profile and detailed care plan for future interventions. An enhanced CPA meeting is held following the initial assessment period to discuss and plan the patient's future care.

We provide a range of treatments and therapies in a culturally and linguistically approachable milieu. The service provides specialist rehabilitative care in Medium Security. All therapeutic services are delivered in British Sign Language and there is an expectation that staff will use BSL, to the best of their ability, at all times. The employment of Deaf staff is vital to the quality and development of the service and adds substantially to the therapeutic milieu, ensuring services remain focused around the developmental and communication needs of Deaf people.

Location of the Deaf Medium Secure Service

This service is located at St Mary's Hospital in Warrington