Referrals and Admission Process

We aim to make our referrals process as simple and accessible as possible. We have a centrally based admissions team trained to handle your referral or any questions you may have, our team are able to offer guidance throughout every stage of the referral process. If you wish to discuss a potential referral please contact our admissions team for further assistance on 01244 665330 or email

Please note, we require a funding arrangement to be in process with the relevant funding authority before we can arrange an assessment.

Referral Forms

The form is available for download as a pdf. If you require a different format or need any help with the referral process please contact our Referrals team on 0808 1781900 who would be delighted to help.

St Cyril's Rehabilitation Unit, Chester [PDF]

You are invited return your completed forms and supporting documentation via post, email or fax. Please see our contacts page for details.

Additional Information

In addition, if you could enclose any additional information that will assist our clinicians in their assessment where appropriate such as:

  • Psychiatric Reports
  • Copies of other assessments done by referrers
  • Copies of CPA Reports
  • Latest MHRT report
  • Risk assessments to include any record of previous convictions
  • Court reports
  • Discharge summaries from previous hospitals

Office Hours and Response Times

We will acknowledge your referral upon receipt and will coordinate an assessment at the earliest opportunity in collaboration with relevant providers. Emergency assessments will be carried out where requested.

Our office hours are: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. During office hours you can contact our admissions team for further assistance on 01244 665330 *.

* Calls from a landline are free, but calls from a mobile may vary