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11th March NHS Change Day

NHS Change Day is an opportunity to come together and harness collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a change. Together each small action will make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use the NHS as well as in the private sector

Over the last 100 days, since 1st December 2014, The #100daysofchange campaign has been running in the build-up for NHS Change Day 2015.

It's purpose was to reflect the diversity of changes that can happen within the NHS (and beyond) and show that change doesn't just happen on a single day. This is important as the emphasis on NHS Change Day 2015 is to recognise changes that have taken place rather than be the day that they take place on

What will happen on Wednesday 11 March?

On Wednesday 11th March we will light up the country with everyone's actions. Local activities will be taking place to recognise the positive changes that have resulted due to the actions people have taken.

Here's some of the changes people in the NHS have been doing already

Visit to find out more about the day and how to get involved