Early Onset Dementia

Early Onset Dementias encompass a group of progressive brain conditions that are associated with a number of cognitive, behavioural and physical problems. While the "65 year old" cut-off point would be easily challenged from the biological view point, it is equally acknowledged that this group of patients will have a distinct set of needs that would justify establishing specialist services.

For instance, these patients are likely to be physically more able compared to their elderly counterparts which would make behavioural changes more difficult to manage. They also are likely to have young families who will find such a diagnosis quite hard to accept. Financial commitments and possible employment issues are usually quite considerable. Further, carers of this patients' group are likely to present with a distinct set of needs.

Services offered for Early Onset Dementias

The service is designed to meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and/or sensory or cognitive impairments. The facilities enable the highest possible quality treatment and care to be provided to meet the care needs of the individual

  • St Cyril's Challenging Behaviours Management Service

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What is Early Onset Dementia?

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