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Challenging Behaviours

Patients admitted to the secure ABI service at St Mary's Hospital present with a range of challenging or risk-related behaviours. This can include irritability, poor frustration tolerance, disinhibition, mood disturbance, personality changes, cognitive deficits including impaired orientation, memory and executive functioning.

Impaired judgment, apathy, lack of insight etc associated with brain injuries predisposes the patients to present with challenging behaviours. This includes verbal outbursts and aggression, physical aggression against objects, violence against a person, fire-setting, sexually inappropriate behaviours, deliberate self harm, substance misuse, absconding, self neglect etc.

Services offered for Challenging Behaviours

The service is designed to meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and/or sensory or cognitive impairments. The facilities enable the highest possible quality treatment and care to be provided to meet the care needs of the individual

Useful Links for Challenging Behaviour

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