Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's Syndrome or Asperger Disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests.

Asperger Syndrome differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported.

Services offered for Asperger Syndrome

The service is designed to meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and/or sensory or cognitive impairments. The facilities enable the highest possible quality treatment and care to be provided to meet the care needs of the individual

  • Adult Autism Inpatient Service
  • Locked male ward
  • Locked female ward

Useful Links for Asperger Syndrome

The National Autistic Society
020 7833 2299

Young Minds
020 7089 5050

Living Autism
0113 8150 320