Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is brain damage caused by events after birth, rather than as part of a genetic or congenital disorder such as fetal alcohol syndrome, perinatal illness or perinatal hypoxia.

Services offered for ABI patients

This service provides an holistic neuro rehabilitation programme for the most challenging and complex brain injury patients with cognitive, behavioural and/or emotional problems.

Refering patients for treatment of ABI

We aim to make our referrals process as simple and accessible as possible. We have a centrally based admissions team trained to handle your referral or any questions you may have, our team are able to offer guidance throughout every stage of the referral process. If you wish to discuss a potential referral please contact our admissions team for further assistance on 01925 423347 or email

More information about Acquired Brain Injury

What is Acquired Brain Injury?

Useful Links for ABI

0808 800 2244

The Samaritans
08457 909090

UK ABI Forum
0845 608 0788