Philosophy and Values

St George Healthcare Group works in partnership with patients, their families, carers and/or significant others to deliver the highest quality of rehabilitative patient centred care. Our services respect the right to dignity, privacy and individuality and are informed by the best available evidence base to help people maximise progress towards optimum functioning and wellbeing.

Fundamental service values are built upon the fact that the patient is the centre of all aspects relating to their care:

  • Recognising the central importance of communication in delivering forensic mental health services to our service users
  • Formal participation, consultation and involvement in all aspects of care delivery
  • Listening and acting on the experiences and views of carers, families and representatives
  • Embracing a positive view of diversity
  • Respect for rights and individuality of all service users by promoting dignity and privacy as cornerstones of practice
  • Regular communication with external agencies
  • Best evidence in planning, reviewing and delivering care programmes
  • Providing a range of therapeutic approaches meeting person centred needs
  • A recognition that all staff contribute to and are part of the therapeutic process
  • Robust Clinical Governance processes that are updated regularly

The service values the contribution of all staff to holistic care planning and undertakes professional development within a blame free culture.

Our Vision

St George Healthcare Group strives to provide high quality patient centred care, improving the quality of life for patients with brain injury. We support the people in our care to achieve their maximum potential, whether it is de_ned by them or for them, in an environment where Clinical Governance guides compliance and best practice to promote a culture of continuous learning, self and service development.

"Ethical practice, transparency and accountability underpin all we do".

Our Values

Delivering Excellence Patient Centred, Efficient Clinical and Non-Clinical Services

Working Together
Learning From Each Other, Collaboration and Teamwork

Respecting People
Valuing Staff, Patients, and Encouraging Diversity

Being Ethical In All We Do
Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

Leads by Example, Encourages Innovation and Takes Accountability