The Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance (INPA) is a members' body which aims to set out a clear ethos that should be met by reputable providers of brain injury rehabilitation.

It was launched with the aim of tackling the current problems that exist in a healthcare system in which there is little to distinguish, in terms of accreditation, between specialist physical and behavioural neurorehabilitation centres and standard nursing care facilities with some rehab capabilities.

Having signed up 17 neurorehabilitation organisations that met the stringent criteria of the organisation, INPA is now well on the way to establishing a clear framework of standards.

This includes having experienced and trained professionals in at least four separate disciplines. Those staff must be supervised and have ongoing training and keep totally up to date. This would include, for example, being members of their professional special interest groups.

The INPA's framework also demands that services should be solely dedicated to neurorehabilitation and use accepted outcome measures and run a goal orientated rehabilitation programme. Discharge planning must be part of the that programme.