Care Pathway

St George Healthcare Group have developed a Care Pathway which provides high quality care to meet the individual needs of the patient and includes an agreed way of working and a comprehensive set of policies and procedures from referral to discharge.

Pre Admission Assessment completed

  • Structured MDT assessment
  • Standard report to referrer
  • Initial package of care agreed
  • Standardised Risk Assessment

Initial Assessment 6 to 12 weeks from admission

  • Comprehensive assessment of need to meet patient's individual requirements
  • Evidence based tools and methodology
  • Standardised assessment report
  • Risk Assessments
  • Care packages formulated
  • CPA meeting held following initial assessments

Treatment programmes and Community provision

  • Individual rehabilitation package to meet individual needs of patient, including Cognitive, Behavioural, Emotional, Social, Educational and Vocational needs
  • Robust evidence base of outcomes with major reviews at least 6 monthly

Discharge and Aftercare Transition and Support

  • Promotes a seamless care process
  • Discharge Planning commences from admission
  • Liason with external services/agencies
  • Promotes integrated Health and Social care plan
  • Specialist aftercare can be provided
  • Domiciliary support available via Focus on Care

Our care pathway is supported by a strong multi-disciplinary and experienced rehabilitation team, who are committed to promoting the well-being and recovery of every individual